About nordIX

Since foundation in 2009, nordIX AG has been a fixed income specialist and deals exclusively with bonds and derivatives. At the company's location in Hamburg, nordIX manages several mutual and special funds and develops intelligent investment opportunities. Besides managing own funds, nordIX is furthermore a successful and competent Advisor of single bonds and fixed income products for institutional customers. 

Our competence is mainly the management of special strategies, i.e. niche topics. nordIX is one of the few portfolio managers who takes advantage of interest rate and credit derivatives (CDS) - not only for hedging purposes, but also actively to optimize the yield.  Price differences between bonds and the associated CDS are systematically used as a source of income. In addition to defensive products, which are primarily suitable as a strategic liquidity substitute or for the treasury of banks and foundations, nordIX also manages mandates with higher expected returns. Particularly in the ​​subordinated bond sector of banks and insurance companies, the team has built up a strong expertise.

With 16 employees, nordIX AG supports more than 1,000 clients and institutional investors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and manages more than EUR 400 million in 5 different investment funds.

Our Values

Even as a young corporation, being domiciled in the city of Hamburg we are connected to the tradition and esteem of the hanseatic merchants. In our day to day business we strive to combine reliability and understatement with cosmopolitanism and entrepreneurial spirit. Sustainability and stability are important for everything we do, however creativity and imagination are essential to realise our ideas and to achieve our objectives. We learn from our experience and try to continously improve our services for our clients and business partners. In the fields of wealth management and asset management we want to distinguish ourselves from other large and well-established market actors as an innovative and creative player, standing for transparency and fairness. For our investors we provide comprehensive and up to date portfolio information and comments on market developtments and investment ideas through our nordIX BLOG

Before providing services or products to our clients we always ask if we would offer the same services or products to our friends and families. Customer satisfaction and the success of our clients and business partners is our primary objective. Accordingly our fees are mostly linked to performance. The success of our clients is our success. 





Moritz Schildt
Managing Partner,  executive director
After his banking apprenticeship and University, Moritz worked for a leading german insurance group. He moved into management consulting and worked with the financial services practice of Boston Consulting Group (BCG). After that Moritz served as a director and chief legal counsel for a leading european provider of financial services. From 2002 to 2007 he was CFO and executive director (Vorstand) of one of the largest mutual fund distributors in Germany. Prior to founding nordIX Moritz was CEO of the financial services group Hesse Newman Capital AG. Moritz holds degrees in law and business administration from Hamburg University and an MBA from INSEAD.

To reach Moritz dial +49 40 3099 776 111 or send him a mail: ms (at) nord-ix.com.

Claus Tumbrägel 
Managing Partner,  executive director 
Claus Tumbrägel worked more than 10 years with HSBC group holding different trading and sales responsibilities in fixed income business. From 2004 to 2007 Claus was global head of institutional sales with HSH Nordbank AG responsible for structuring and distribution of fixed income, structured and alternative products. Prior to founding nordIX Claus was member of the board of management of private bank Hesse Newman & Co. AG. He holds a degree in business administration from Siegen University. 

To reach Claus dial +49 40 3099 776 - 113 or drop him an email: ct (at) nord-ix.com


Jens Franck 


Jens Franck war mehr als 25 Jahre in verschiedenen Funktionen im Rentenhandel und Rentensales sowie im Fondsmanagement tätig, bevor er das Team der nordIX ergänzt hat. Nach Stationen bei der Dresdner Bank in Hamburg als Leiter Rentenhandel und bei der Hamburg-Mannheimer Investment Trust als Senior Fixed-Income Manager war Jens als Leiter Fondsmanagement Renten für die MEAG Munich Ergo KAG mbH im München und die DEKA-Investment GmbH in Frankfurt tätig. Vor seinem Wechsel zu nordIX hat er im Rentensales bei der Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Frankfurt und London institutionelle Investoren betreut.

Er ist telefonisch unter 040 3099 776 115 und per Mail unter jf(at)nord-ix.com erreichbar.


Marian Klemm


After having graduated from university, Marian started working as proprietary trader and analyst within the HVB Group. From 2006 to 2008 he was responsible for the asset liability management of Deutsche Genossenschafts- Hypothekenbank AG. Prior to joining nordIX in 2017, Marian worked for HSH Nordbank AG as senior expert in structuring and vice president in strategic treasury. Marian holds a degree in business admnistration (Hamburg University) and is a holder of the ACI diploma issued by the Financial Markets Association. 

To reach Marian please dial +49 40 3099 776 129 or via email: mak (at) nord-ix.com.

Vladislav Krivenkov

Portfolio Management

During his bachelor's degree in business administration Vladislav did several internships at banks and asset management companies (real- and financial assets). He joined the nordIX team in August 2017.

To reach Vladislav please dial +49 40 3099 776 114 or via email: vk (at) nord-ix.com.

Sergej Oganesov

Portfolio Management

After finishing his bachelor's degree in economics Sergej gained first experiences in the financial sector. Before joining the nordIX Team he worked with a securities trading bank and at the analytics and research department of a large russian financial service provider.

To reach Sergej please dial +49 40 3099 776 123 or via email: so (at) nord-ix.com.

Fond Sales

Max Peter Kross 
After graduating from University, Max spend a few years as head of sales / key account manager in logistics before he joined nordIX in 2014. Max is advising institutional investor and other clients. He holds a diploma from Euro-Business-College in Hamburg.

To reach Max call +49 40 3099 776 126 or send him an email mpk@nord-ix.com.


Alexander Reich 


Alexander ist seit mehr als 20 Jahren als Wertpapierhändler tätig. Er war u.a. bei Sal. Oppenheim in Frankfurt und bei der Hamburger Sparkasse beschäftigt und hat dort Anleihen und alle Arten von Fixed-Income-Produkten gehandelt, bevor er das Team der nordIX ergänzt hat.

Er ist telefonisch unter 040 3099 776 - 125 und per Mail unter ar (at) nord-ix.com erreichbar.

Claas Hustedt

Before joining nordIX Claas was engaged in different positions at a private bank based in Hamburg and a bank based in Munich. He was dealing with institutional investors in the foreign exchange business as well as in trading of derivative financial instruments.

Claas joined nordIX in 2018 as a key account manager for banks and institutional investors.

To get in touch with Claas call +49 40 3099 776-122 or send an email to ch (at) nord-ix.com

Niclas Lorentz

After his apprenticeship in real estate management Niclas lived couple years in latin-america where he was working in real estate business. Since 2010 Niclas worked with an investment bank based in Hamburg, Germany as a foreign exchange Sales Manager for private and institutional clients.

Niclas joined nordIX in 2017 as a key account manager for banks and institutional investors.

To get in touch with Niclas call +49 40 3099 776-128 or send an email to nl (at) nord-ix.com


Ilka von Boehn

Ilka hat nach ihrer Ausbildung zur Bankkauffrau einige Jahre im Middle Office des Wertpapierhandels der damaligen Vereins- und Westbank AG in Hamburg gearbeitet. Nach dem Abschluss eines betriebswirtschaftlichen Studiums (BBA) konnte sie zusätzlich in unterschiedlichen Unternehmen umfangreiche Erfahrungen als Management Assistenz sammeln. Ilka kam im Jahr 2013 zu nordIX und nimmt seitdem verschiedenste Aufgaben im administrativen Backoffice wahr.

Ilka ist unter der Telefonnummer 040 3099 776 - 118 erreichbar, ihre Mailadresse lautet: ib (at) nord-ix.com.

Sabine Köhler 

Sabine hat nach ihrer Ausbildung langjährig für die Deutsche Tochtergesellschaft der Pioneer Global Investments gearbeitet und dort insbesondere Backoffice Funktionen übernommen. Bevor sie 2014 zur nordIX kam, war Sie für eine Tochtergesellschaft der Societe Generale tätig und hat dort neben Buchhaltungsaufgaben vor allem Aufgaben im Controlling und Reporting wahrgenommen.  

Sabine ist unter der Telefonnummer 040 3099 776 - 121 oder per mail unter sk (at) nord-ix.com erreichbar. 

Marketing & PR

Nadja El Radi

Nach ihrer Ausbildung zur Bankkauffrau und einer Zusatzausbildung zur Börsenhändlerin hat Nadja ihre Expertise in den vergangenen zwei Jahrzehnten im Vertrieb und in der Kundenbetreuung innerhalb komplexer, erklärungsintensiver Finanzprodukte eingebracht.

Bevor sie in 2018 in den Bereich Marketing und PR der nordIX wechselte, war sie als Vertriebsdirektorin für einen Asset Manager mit dem Fokus auf erneuerbare Energien Investments tätig.

Sie ist erreichbar unter 040 3099 776-120 oder per email unter ne (at) nord-ix.com.

nordIX ESG Statement

While ESG has varying degrees of relevance in the investment process across our different investment funds we work to advance ESG integration in-line with client interest, business specific goals and tools to enhance risk adjusted returns. We are defining and expanding the use of ESG standards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for every part of our Asset Management business. We train our analysts and portfolio managers through the delivery of a ESG dataset (currently based on MSCI ESG) to deepen the inclusion of ESG criteria into our investment processes. Our intention is to identify and assess material ESG criteria that potentially impact the value of our investments in order to achieve the best possible risk adjusted investment returns for our clients.

Engagement: We strive to improve ESG qualities across our holdings. Consequently, active and constructive discussions with issuers are responsibilities of our portfolio managers.


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